Using Titanium Additives to Produce High Porous TiNi-Based Alloys with Martensitic Transformations

Anikeev, S. G.; Artyukhova, N., V; Kaftaranova, M., I; Khodorenko, V. N.; Monogenov, A. N.; et al. Proceedings Of The International Conference On Physical Mesomechanics. Materials With Multilevel Hierarchical Structure And Intelligent Manufacturing Technology.
Structural features of porous TiNi-based materials with Ti additives produced by diffusion sintering have been studied. TiNi powder fraction with a size of 100–160 µm used for sintering provides highly porous material. It is found that increased concentrations of Ti additives decrease the porosity coefficient of the material and increase the volumetric content of the secondary Ti2Ni and Ti4Ni2 (0, N, C) phases. It is shown that Ti powder additives can be used to improve the atomic composition of the TiNi compound.