Ultrahigh-Q system of a few coaxial disks

Pichugin, Konstantin; Sadreev, Almas; Bulgakov, Evgeny/ Nanophotonics/


Resonant modes of high contrast dielectric disk have finite Q-factors in the subwavelength range due to radiation leakage into the surrounding space. That leakage can be reduced considerably (a few times) by exploiting of the mechanism of destructive interference of two modes for avoided crossing of resonances (ACR) (Rybin et al. M. V. Rybin, K. L. Koshelev, Z. F. Sadrieva, et al., “High-Q Supercavity Modes in Subwavelength Dielectric Resonators,” Phys. Rev. Lett., vol. 119, p. 243901, 2017.). In the present paper we report suppression of radiation leakage by a few orders in magnitude via the ACR in the structure of three and four different coaxial disks. For fine multi-scale tuning of disks we reveal the ultrahigh-Q resonances of order 105 for the case of three disks and of order 106 for the case of four coaxial disks of equal radii.