Tunable Meta-Surface Antenna Array with Holographic Beamforming

Lemberg, Konstantin, V; Kosmynin, Aleksey N.; Stupnitsky, Dmitry A.; Grushevsky, Eugene O.; Podshivalov, Ivan, V / 2020 7th All-russian Microwave Conference (Rmc)/ 10.1109/RMC50626.2020.9312354

The paper describes tunable meta-surface antenna arrays operation principle. In such an arrays beamforming is carried out by modulating the coupling coefficients between a wave traveling along the surface and electrically small radiators. It is shown that the law of coupling coefficient modulation can be calculated using the principles of holography on the basis of the given “reference” (corresponding to the excitation of the meta-surface) and “object” (corresponding to the required radiation pattern) waves. The results of numerical simulation of the X-band linear antenna array with liquid crystal control elements, which using the described beamforming principle, are presented.