The influence of chalcogen atom on conformation and phase transition in chalcogenazinoquinolinium monoiodides

I. Yushina, A. Krylov, I. I. Leonidov, V. Batalov, Y.-S. Chen, S. G. Wang, A. Stash and E. Bartashevich/ Acta Crystallographica Section B-structural Science Crystal Engineering And Materials/

Crystalline chalcogenazinoquinolinium monoiodides, where the chalcogen atom is oxygen and sulfur, were studied using a combination of X-ray diffraction, Raman and UV-vis spectroscopies and photoluminescence experimental techniques. Periodic quantum-chemical calculations were performed to characterize the features of electronic structure and vibrational assignment. X-ray diffraction and Raman spectroscopy experiments consistently reveal phase transition of thia­zinoquinolinium monoiodide at low temperatures with the decrease of symmetry to P1. The luminescence study for oxazinoquinolinium monoiodide reveals the excitation maximum at 532 nm and emission at 650 nm with significantly higher intensity than for the thia­zinoquinolinium derivative. The studied chalcogenazinoquinolinium monoiodides demonstrate high values of Stokes shift up to 150 nm.