Technique for Fabricating Ferromagnetic/Silicon Active Devices and Their Transport Properties

Lukyanenko, A., V; Tarasov, A. S.; Shanidze, L., V; Volochaev, M. N.; Zelenov, F., V; et al. Journal Of Surface Investigation.

Semiconductor nanowires are unique materials for studying nanoscale phenomena; the possibility of forming silicon nanowires on bulk silicon-on-insulator substrates in a top-down process ensures complete incorporation of this technology into integrated electronic systems. In addition, the use of ferromagnetic contacts in combination with the high quality of ferromagnetic–semiconductor interfaces open up prospects for the use of such structures in spintronics devices, in particular, spin transistors. A simple approach is proposed to create semiconductor nanowire-based active devices, specifically, bottom-gate Schottky-barrier field-effect transistors with a metal (Fe) source and drain synthesized on a silicon-on-insulator substrate and the transport characteristics of the designed transistors are investigated.