Synthesis, phase purification and magnetic characterization of the (Cr1-x, Mn-x)(2)AlC MAX-phase

Sobolev, K (Sobolev, Kirill) Pazniak, H (Pazniak, Hanna) Farle, M (Farle, Michael) Rodionova, V (Rodionova, Valeria) Wiedwald, U (Wiedwald, Ulf) / JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY C/

DOI 10.1039/d1tc03092b

The Cr2AlC MAX phase is a promising parent compound to introduce magnetism to nano-laminated ternary carbides by doping with Mn. Here, we demonstrate that Mn doping of bulk Cr2AlC powder synthesized by arc melting results in incorporation up to 16 at% Mn in the M-layers of the MAX phase. Simultaneously, the relative amount of secondary phases is overall low, however, increases with Mn doping. We successfully applied chemical treatment in dilute hydrochloric acid to eliminate secondary phases and studied the magnetic properties before and after treatment by magnetometry between 3 K and 800 K. All MAX-phases show a paramagnetic response.