Synthesis and Structural, Magnetic, and Thermal Properties of the Titanium-Doped Pb3Mn7O15 Compound

Sofronova, SN, Eremin, EV, Molokeev, MS, Mikhashenok, NV, Kartashev, AV PHYSICS OF THE SOLID STATE


The Pb3Mn7O15 crystals doped with titanium ions have been synthesized. The study of the structural properties has shown that titanium ions occupy positions in the interplane columns, which weakens the exchange coupling between the planes. Two anomalies in the temperature dependences of magnetization and heat capacity at 62 and 35 K have been found. It has been supposed that, at 62 K, the long-range magnetic order arises and, at 35 K, a spin-reorientation transition, as in the Pb3Mn7O15 compound, occurs.