Synthesis and Structural and Magnetic Properties of the NaNiFe2(VO4)(3) Compound

Drokina, T., V; Velikanov, D. A.; Bayukov, O. A.; Molokeev, M. S.; Petrakovskii, G. A./ Physics Of The Solid State/

A new magnetic compound NaNiFe2(VO4)3 has been obtained by the solid-phase synthesis and studied by X-ray diffractometry, nuclear gamma resonance, and magnetometry. The crystal structure of multicomponent vanadate is described by a triclinic symmetry space group P1. The unit cell contains six nonequivalent mixed cationic positions occupied by different-valence ions of transition metals, iron Fe3+ and nickel Ni2+, which facilitates the implementation of a state with the local charge neutrality violation. In addition, two types of iron atom sites have been found, which have an oxygen environment in the form of octahedra and square pyramids with their nonequiprobable population by iron and nickel. The temperature and field dependences of the magnetization have been found to be typical of a paramagnet containing ferromagnetic clusters in a wide temperature range.