Study of Surface Anisotropy of the Interface of Two-layer DyCo/FeNi Films by the Spin-wave Resonance Method

Stolyar, S., V; Yakovchuk, V. Y.; Vazhenina, I. G.; Iskhakov, R. S. Journal Of Superconductivity And Novel Magnetism/ DOI

Two-layer DyCo/FeNi films were studied by the spin-wave resonance method. The experimental microwave frequency absorption spectra of the two-layer DyCo/FeNi films demonstrate the bulk and surface peaks of the exchange spin modes. The dependence of the surface condition type formed at the interface on the composition of the hard-magnetic layer (before and after the compensation point) was found. The values of the surface anisotropy constant and the type of magnetization pinning at each surface of the FeNi layer were estimated.