Spin-Flop Transition in Co2B2O5 Pyroborate

Kazak, N. V.; Belskaya, N. A.; Moshkina, E. M.; Solovyov, L. A.; Eremin, E. V.; et al.// Jetp Letters/ https://doi.org/10.1134/S0021364021140058

Cobalt pyroborate Co2B2O5 single crystals have been obtained by spontaneous crystallization from solution–melt. Powder X-ray diffraction measurements have revealed the triclinic symmetry P1¯P1¯ with the lattice parameters a=3.1666(7)a=3.1666(7) Å, b=6.1543(6)b=6.1543(6) Å, c=9.2785(12)c=9.2785(12) Å, α=104.240(5)α=104.240(5)∘β=90.841(14)β=90.841(14)∘γ=92.064(16)γ=92.064(16)∘, and V=175.10(5)V=175.10(5) Å3. Magnetic properties have been studied in the temperature range of 4.2–300 K and in magnetic fields up to 90 kOe by measuring the static magnetization and molar heat capacity. A transition to an antiferromagnetic state has been detected at TN = 45 K. A spin-flop transition occurs in the sample in strong magnetic fields.