Optical and Magnetic Properties of the DyxCo1-x/Bi/Py Trilayers

Kosyrev, N. N.; Yakovchuk, V. Yu; Patrin, G. S.; Komarov, V. A.; Volchenko, E. N.; et al. Technical Physics Letters. DOI https://doi.org/10.1134/S1063785021020097

We report on the results of investigations of the optical and magnetooptical properties of DyxCo1 – x/Bi/Py (Py is permalloy) trilayers. The temperature dependence of the magnetization has been examined using the magnetooptical Kerr effect and the optical refractive and absorption indices have been measured by spectral ellipsometry. It is shown that the thickness of the bismuth spacer affects the exchange coupling between the permalloy and DyCo layers, which manifests itself in the change in the magnetization compensation temperature and in the character of the exchange coupling.