Numerical study of structural and magnetic properties of thin films obliquely deposited on rippled substrates

Solovev, P. N.; Izotov, A., V; Belyaev, B. A./ Journal Of Physics-condensed Matter/

Structural modulation in thin films plays a substantial role in the formation of their magnetic properties. By producing topographic patterns in thin films, it is possible to engineer their magnetic response. Here, we report on the numerical study of the relationship between structural and static magnetic properties of thin films obliquely deposited on substrates with the sinusoidal surface. 3D Monte Carlo film growth simulations show that, under certain deposition conditions, an inhomogeneous columnar morphology can form in the films caused by the shadowing effect and the rippled substrate. Calculations of the demagnetizing tensors for these films demonstrate that their columnar structure is the source of the shape-induced uniaxial magnetic anisotropy that varies nonmonotonically with the deposition angle. Micromagnetic simulations of the generated films confirm the uniaxial character of the shape-induced anisotropy, and also show that magnetization reversal occurs via an incoherent rotation of magnetic moments.