Modeling optical properties of plant epicuticular wax

Bukhanov, Eugene; Gurevich, Yuru; Krakhalev, Mikhail; Shabanov, Dmitry 2020 VI International Conference On Information Technology And Nanotechnology (Ieee Itnt-2020).

Wax is found on the leaves almost of all plants. Its physicochemical and protective properties are widely discussed in the scientific literature. In the presented work, the influence of the structure of wax on the optical properties in wheat leaves and needles of blue spruce has been revealed for the first time. Long-period ordering was established. The structural elements are nanotubes up to several microns in length and about 150 nm in diameter. The paper presents the influence of a long-period structure on the optical properties and local characteristics of light waves, including the transmission spectrum, the density of photon states, as well as fluorescence spectra and polarization microscopy. Using modern mathematical tools, the main spectral and optical characteristics were calculated using the example of the wax cover of blue spruce and glaucas wheat. Based on calculations that establish the relationship between the structural, spectral and optical properties, the influence of wax structures on the process of photosynthesis was revealed.