Measurement of Thin Film Magnetic Characteristics in the Radio Frequency Range

Burmitskikh, Anton, V; Boev, Nikita M.; Kleshnina, Sofya A. International Siberian Conference On Control And Communications (Sibcon 2021 )/ DOI: 10.1109/SIBCON50419.2021.9438908

 The paper presents a method for measuring the ferromagnetic resonance spectrum in the radio frequency range (4 MHz). A high-frequency generator operating in the autodyne mode was used to measure the magnetic characteristics of thin ferromagnetic films. Theoretical equations for ferromagnetic resonance excitations have been presented. Experimental results for the samples of nanocrystalline thin permalloy magnetic films with low magnetostriction and different values of the anisotropy field were obtained. Ferromagnetic resonance in the radio frequency range proved to be an excellent mean for measuring the value and direction of the magnetic anisotropy field in thin magnetic films.

DOI: 10.1109/SIBCON50419.2021.9438908