Magnetic circular dichroism of 5I8 -> 5F3, 5F2 and 3K8 transitions in Na0.4Ho0.6F2.2 single crystal

Malakhovskii, A., V; Sokolov, V. V.; Karimov, D. N. Optical Materials.

We measured optical absorption and magnetic circular dichroism spectra of Na0.4Ho0.6F2.2 single crystal in the region of 5I8→ 5F3, 5F2 and 3K8 transitions in Ho3+ ion at 90 K and room temperature. Paramagnetic magneto-optical activities (MOA) of the transitions were found for these two temperatures and compared with the theory based on the nature of f-f transitions allowance. It was shown that nature of allowance of three considered transitions is different. The MCD spectra were also analyzed in approximation of the |J,±MJ⟩ wave functions of the free atom and using concept of the crystal quantum number. Using this concept and experimental paramagnetic MOA, we found that MJeff = 2.1 for the initial state of the 5I8→ 5F3 transition.