Interference oscillations in the optical response of a hybrid-aligned nematic with a surface disclination line to a pulsed magnetic field

Parshin, Alexander M.; Zyryanov, Victor Y.; Shabanov, Vasily F./ Journal Of The Optical Society Of America B-optical Physics/

The propagation of light through a hybrid-aligned nematic layer with a surface disclination line is investigated in a pulsed magnetic field. The experimental dependences of light intensity 𝐼I on time 𝑡t accompanied by interference oscillations are presented. The shift and expansion of the interference extrema as functions of the magnetic field pulse length during the reaction are shown. The 𝐼(𝑡)I(t) dependence for the relaxation process is calculated with allowance for scattering. The calculated 𝐼(𝑡)I(t) dependence agrees well with the experimental dependence over the entire hybrid-aligned nematic layer, except for the surface layer.