Influence of Jahn-Teller Cu2+ doping on the structural and magnetic properties of quasi-two-dimensional oxyborate (Ni,Cu)(2)MnBO5

Kartashev, A; Eremin, E; (...); Sofronova, S/ Mar 1 2022 | JOURNAL OF MAGNETISM AND MAGNETIC MATERIALS /

Using the flux technique single crystals of (Ni,Cu)2MnBO5 were grown. The crystal structure of this compound belongs to the space group Pbam(55). There are no monoclinic distortions of the crystal structure. The analysis of the structural data shows that the content of copper ions in the crystal is lower than 10 percent. The magnetic ordering into the ferrimagnetic phase occurs at 75 K. The assessment of the exchange interactions shows that changes in the exchange interactions lead to increasing frustrations in the system which could result in a decrease in the temperature of magnetic ordering.