Improvement of dielectric properties and energy storage performance in sandwich-structured P(VDF-CTFE) composites with low content of GO nanosheets

Cheng, Lian; Liu, Kai; Wang, Mengqi; Fan, Pengyuan; Zhou, Changrong; Alexander N Vtyurin; et al. Nanotechnology. DOI

Polymer-based dielectric capacitors play a notable part in the practical application of energy storage devices. Graphene oxide (GO) nanosheets can improve the dielectric properties of polymer-based composites. However, the breakdown strength will greatly reduce with the increase of GO content. Hence, the construction of sandwich structure can enhance the breakdown strength without reducing the dielectric constant. Herein, single-layered and sandwich-structured poly(vinylidene fluoride-co-chlorotrifluoroethylene) (P(VDF-CTFE)) nanocomposites with low content of GO nanosheets (<1.0 wt%) are prepared via employing a straightforward casting method. Compared with the single-layered composites and pure P(VDF-CTFE), the sandwich-structured composites exhibit comprehensively better performance compared. The sandwich-structured composite with 0.4 wt% GO nanosheets show an excellent dielectric constant of 13.6 (at 1 kHz) and an outstanding discharged energy density of 8.25 J cm−3 at 3400 kV cm−1. These results demonstrate that the growth of the dielectric properties is owing to 2D GO nanosheets and the enhancement of breakdown strength due to the sandwich structure. The results from finite element simulation provide theoretical support for the design of high energy density composites.