Implanted gallium impurity detection in silicon by impedance spectroscopy

Tetelbaum, David; Nikolskaya, Alena; Dorokhin, Mikhail; Vasiliev, Valery; Smolyakov, Dmitriy; et al. Materials Letters

The results of determining the energy levels of boron-doped silicon implanted with gallium ions by impedance spectroscopy are reported. In the as-implanted sample the boron level remains the same and a second level appears close to the Ga-level reported in literature. In the sample annealed at 1000 °C, two levels are observed neither of which corresponds to the literature values for boron and gallium. It is assumed that in the as-implanted sample this method detects levels of gallium atoms located at a depth where ions penetrate due to the channeling effect, since a large concentration of defects at shallower depths does not allow detection of energy levels due to the Fermi level pinning. Explaining the results for the sample annealed after implantation requires additional research. The main result of this work is to establish the possibility of detecting impurity levels in ion-implanted silicon by impedance spectroscopy even in the absence of subsequent annealing.