Features in the Resonance Behavior of Magnetization in Arrays of Triangular and Square Nanodots

Orlov, VA (Orlov, Vitaly A.) Rudenko, RY (Rudenko, Roman Yu) Prokopenko, VS (Prokopenko, Vladimir S.) Orlova, IN (Orlova, Irina N.) JOURNAL OF SIBERIAN FEDERAL UNIVERSITY-MATHEMATICS & PHYSICS

DOI 10.17516/1997-1397-2021-14-5-611-623

Collective modes of the gyrotropic motion of a magnetic vortex core in ordered arrays of triangular and square ferromagnetic film nanodots have been theoretically investigated. The dispersion relations have been derived. The dipole-dipole interaction of the magnetic moments of the magnetic vortex cores of elements has been taken into account in the approximation of a small shift from the equilibrium position. It is shown that the effective rigidity of the magnetic subsystem of triangular elements is noticeably higher than that of the subsystem of square elements of the same linear sizes. The potential application of the polygonal film nanodisks as nanoscalpels for noninvasive tumor cell surgery is discussed.