Exceptional Points through Variation of Distances between Four Coaxial Dielectric Disks

Pichugin, Konstantin; Sadreev, Almas; Bulgakov, Evgeny/ Photonics


By variation of a refractive index and aspect ratio of the isolated disk, we achieved exceptional points (EPs) at which the resonant frequencies and resonant modes coalesce. However, in practice, that kind of variation presents a technological problem. We considered the method to avoid the problem by substitution of two disk’s dimers. In each dimer, variation of the distance between disks was equivalent to a variation of the aspect ratio of the dimer. Moreover, the variation of the distance between dimers provides the second parameter that gives rise to a vast number of EPs. We recovered the initial resonant eigenmode by encircling multiple EPs two, three, and four times in the two-dimensional parametric space of distances.