Cholesteric layers with tangential-conical surface anchoring for an electrically controlled polarization rotator

V. S. Sutormin, M. N. Krakhalev, I. V. Timofeev, R. G. Bikbaev, O. O. Prishchepa, and V. YA. Zyryanov. Optical Materials Express

The voltage dependences of polarization characteristics of light passed through the cholesteric layers with tangential-conical boundary conditions have been investigated. It has been shown that such layers allow turning the polarization azimuth more than 7070∘ because of the unique untwisting effect of the cholesteric helix, due to free azimuthal rotation of the director on the substrate with conical anchoring. Optical cells under study have some advantages (low control voltage, smooth variation of polarization azimuth, simplicity of design) and can be used as an electrically controlled polarization rotator of white light.