Aspects of Topological Superconductivity in 2D Systems: Noncollinear Magnetism, Skyrmions, and Higher-order Topology

Zlotnikov, A. O.; Shustin, M. S.; Fedoseev, A. D./ Journal Of Superconductivity And Novel Magnetism/

The review is aimed at highlighting the aspects of topological superconductivity in the absence of spin–orbit interaction in two-dimensional systems with long-range noncollinear spin ordering or magnetic skyrmions. Another purpose is to give a brief introduction to the new concept of topological superconductivity, i.e. higher-order topology in two-dimensional systems including spin–orbit coupled structures. The formation of Majorana modes due to magnetic textures is discussed. The role of effective triplet pairings and odd fermion parity of the ground state wave function in different systems is emphasized. We describe the peculiarities of the magnetic skyrmions, leading to the formation of the Majorana modes and defects on which the modes are localized. The problem of braiding in the two-dimensional systems, especially in higher-order topological superconductors, is considered.