A New Method of Obtaining Transparent Conducting Films of Indium (III) Oxide and Indium-Tin Oxide

Natalia P. Fadeeva, Svetlana V. Saikova, Elena V. Pikurova, Anton S. Voronin, Yuri V. Fadeev, Alexander S. Samoilo, Igor A. Tambasov. JOURNAL OF SIBERIAN FEDERAL UNIVERSITY-CHEMISTRY. DOI: 10.17516/1998-2836-0215

In the work, sedimentation-stable sols of indium (III) and tin (IV) hydroxides were obtained by the Anion Resin Exchange Precipitation, which consists of the exchange reaction between the OH ions of the anion exchange resin and the anions of metal-containing solutions. The synthesized hydrosols were used to obtain conducting films of indium (III) In2O3 oxide and indium oxide doped with Tin In2O3:Sn, with a surface resistance of 4 kOhm /sq, thicknesses of 200-500 nm and a transparency of more than 85%. The modes of applying precursors to glass substrates by the modified spray method and centrifugation method are selected. Films were studied using XRD, SEM, optical microscopy and spectrophotometry.

DOI: DOI: 10.17516/1998-2836-0215