Temperature-dependent magnetization reversal in exchange bias NiFe/IrMn/NiFe structures

Gritsenko, Ch; Dzhun, I; Volochaev, M.; Gorshenkov, M.; Babaytsev, G.; Chechenin, N.; Sokolov, A.; Tretiakov, Oleg A.; Rodionova, V Source: JOURNAL OF MAGNETISM AND MAGNETIC MATERIALS, 482 370-375; 10.1016/j.jmmm.2019.03.044 JUL 15 2019

We demonstrate magnetization reversal features in NiFe/IrMn/NiFe thin-film structures with 40% and 75% relative content of Ni in Permalloy in the temperature range from 80 K to 300 K. The magnetization reversal sequence of the two ferromagnetic layers is found to depend on the type of NiFe alloy. In the samples with 75% relative content of Ni, the bottom ferromagnetic layer reverses prior to the top one. On the contrary, in the samples with 40% of Ni, the top ferromagnetic layer reverses prior to the bottom one. These tendencies of magnetization reversal are preserved in the entire range of temperatures. These distinctions can be explained by the morphological and structural differences of interfaces in the samples based on two types of Permalloy.