Technological Basis of the Formation of Micromesh Transparent Electrodes by Means of a Self-Organized Template and the Study of Their Properties

Voronin, A. S.; Simunin, M. M.; Fadeev, Yu. V.; Ivanchenko, F. S.; Karpova, D. V.; Tambasov, I. A.; Khartov, S. V. Source: TECHNICAL PHYSICS LETTERS, 45 (4):366-369; 10.1134/S1063785019040187 APR 2019

This Letter presents the results of a study of the physical properties of micromesh transparent electrodes on a flexible substrate, obtained using a template in the form of silica layers subjected to controlled cracking. For the first time, a combined approach to the control of parameters of a micromesh structure (crack width and cell size) by varying the pH and the thickness of the sol layer is proposed. Using this approach, transparent electrodes with a surface resistance of 4.1 Ω/sq with a transparency of 85.7% were obtained. Micromesh electrodes are characterized by linear optical transmission in the visible and IR ranges, which opens up prospects for their use in optoelectronics.