Tamm plasmon in a structure with the nanocomposite containing spheroidal core-shell particles

Pankin, P. S.; Vetrov, S. Y.; Timofeev, I., V Source: JOURNAL OF OPTICS, 21 (3):10.1088/2040-8986/ab04d8 MAR 2019

Spectral peculiarities of the structure consisting of a photonic crystal coated with a nanocomposite (NC) have been investigated. The NC used contains spheroidal nanoparticles with a dielectric core and a metallic shell, which are uniformly dispersed in a transparent matrix. The spectral manifestation of the observed Tamm plasmon polariton (TPP) and Fabry–Perot mode has been examined. A significant polarization sensitivity of the spectra upon variation in the nanoparticle shape has been demonstrated. The dispersion curves presented for the TPP and Fabry–Perot mode are shown to be in good agreement with the spectra obtained by the transfer matrix method.