Stability of the Coexistence Phase of Chiral Superconductivity and Noncollinear Spin Ordering with a Nontrivial Topology and Strong Electron Correlations

Val'kov, V. V.; Zlotnikov, A. O. Source: JETP LETTERS, 109 (11):736-743; 10.1134/S0021364019110158 JUN 2019

It has been shown that quantum charge and spin fluctuations in a strongly correlated 2D system with a triangular lattice, significantly renormalizing the magnetic order parameter, do not destroy the coexistence phase of chiral d + id superconductivity and 120° spin ordering. The region of realization of nontrivial topology determined by the topological index Ñ3 holds. It has been shown that edge states for the topologically non-trivial phase include a Majorana mode. The spatial structure of this mode has been determined. It has been found that spin and charge fluctuations shift the critical electron densities at which quantum topological transitions occur. It has been shown that an increase in the intersite Coulomb repulsion reduces the number of such transitions.