Soft modes condensation in Raman spectra of (Pb-La)(Zr-Sn-Ti)O-3 ceramics

Vtyurin, Alexander N.; Krylov, Alexander S.; Krylova, Svetlana N.; Oreshonkov, Alexander S.; Wei, Xiaoyong; Feng, Yujun; Xu, Ran; Zhao, Tian Source: JOURNAL OF ADVANCED DIELECTRICS, 9 (3):10.1142/S2010135X19500243 JUN 2019

Low frequency Raman spectra of (Pb0.97La0.02)(Zr0.864Sn0.04Ti0.096)O3 ceramic samples have been studied near cubic to antiferroelectric phase transition at about 200C. A set of low frequency soft modes were observed restoring below the transition point, in addition to the known one above 100cm1. These modes show strong damping anomalies at the transition point that supposes considerable intermode interactions via dampings.