Sequences of selective rotation operators to engineer interactions for quantum annealing on three qutrits

Zobov, V. E.; Pichkovskiy, I. S. Edited by: Lukichev VF; Rudenko KV Source: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON MICRO- AND NANO-ELECTRONICS 2018, 11022 10.1117/12.2521253 2019

We have done simulating of factorization the number 15 on three qutrits, represented by the spins S = 1, by quantum annealing. We assume that strong one-spin interaction allow selectively operate on different transitions between levels of the each qutrit. We present a sequence of selective rotation operators to engineer from dipole-dipole interaction a timedependent effective Hamiltonian necessary for solving the problem. Also we find dependence of fidelity versus different parameters: magnetic field, total annealing time, and duration of time step, when the continuous variation of the Hamiltonian is replaced by a discrete one.