References regulating the BiMnxFe1-xO3 film conductivity upon cooling in magnetic and electric fields

S. S Aplesnin et al. Mater. Res. Express 6 (2019)116125;

The magnetic and electrical properties of the BiFe1-xMnxO3 (x = 0.05, 0.15) films in the temperature range of 80–600 K have been investigated. The Curie temperature (Tc) of the films has been determined. A decrease in the conductivity of the films with x = 0.05 upon cooling in an electric field from the temperatures T < Tc has been found. This effect has been described in the model of decreasing quantum well (domain wall) density and the tunneling coefficient drop. A decrease in the conductivity of the BiFe1-xMnxO3 film by more than an order of magnitude upon cooling from high temperatures in a magnetic field has been established. The experimental data are interpreted using the magnetic-field-induced magnetic structure variation and exchange splitting of the impurity subband.