Polymorphism in MnSe1-xTex thin-films

Romanova, O. B.; Aplesnin, S. S.; Sitnikov, M. N.; Kharkov, A. M.; Masyugin, A. N.; Yanushkevich, K. I. Source: SOLID STATE COMMUNICATIONS, 287 72-76; 10.1016/j.ssc.2018.10.009 JAN 2019

To establish the polymorphic transition in polycrystalline MnSe1–ХTeХ (0.1 ≤ X ≤ 0.2) films, their structural, magnetic, kinetic, and optical properties have been investigated in the temperature range of 77–800 K and magnetic fields of up to 12 kOe. Using X-ray diffraction analysis, the coexistence of two crystalline phases in the films has been found. The magnetic moment of the films has been shown to increase with the increasing substitute concentration and decreasing temperature. The impedance maxima and thermopower sign change in the region of the polymorphic and magnetic transitions have been observed. The variation in the structural characteristics has been established using the infrared spectroscopy and thermal expansion coefficient data. The experimental results are explained within a model of domains and domain walls.