Photo-orientation of nematic liquid crystal without preliminary cell surface treatment

Shvetsov, Sergey A.; Emelyanenko, Alexander, V; Bugakov, Miron A.; Boiko, Natalia, I; Zyryanov, Victor Ya Source: OPTICAL MATERIALS EXPRESS, 9 (6):2595-2600; 10.1364/OME.9.002595 JUN 1 2019

We propose a simple and effective method of liquid crystal photoalignment that does not require any preliminary treatment of the cell substrates. To this aim, a small amount (0.1 wt %) of azobenzene carboxylic acid is added into the nematic liquid crystal. After filling the liquid crystal cell, a part of the dopant molecules is spontaneously adsorbed and attached to the glass surface by hydrogen bonds. This allows one to switch the boundary conditions of liquid crystal between homeotropic and planar due to the reversible trans-cis photoisomerization.