On Nature of the Induced Anisotropy in the Chemically Deposited Co-P Films

Chzhan, Anatoly V.; Podorozhnyak, Sergey A.; Volochaev, Mikhail N.; Patrin, Gennady S. Edited by: Perov N; Semisalova A Source: MOSCOW INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON MAGNETISM (MISM 2017), 185 10.1051/epjconf/201818503012 2018

The induced magnetic anisotropy in the Со‒Рfilms prepared by chemical deposition from liquid solutions in a magnetic field has been investigated. The pronounced difference between the anisotropy values and relaxation times points out the existence of different physical mechanisms responsible for the occurrence of anisotropy of the Со‒Р films at low and high pH values. Possible mechanisms of the induced anisotropy in the Со‒Р films prepared at different pH values are discussed.