Manifestation of Spin Correlations in Monocrystalline ErAl3(BO3)(4)

Bedarev, V. A.; Merenkov, D. N.; Kobets, M., I; Zvyagin, A. A.; Poperezhai, S. N.; Gnatchenko, S. L.; Zajarniuk, T.; Vasevych, T.; Gutowska, M. U.; Szewczyk, A.; Gudim, I. A. Source: LOW TEMPERATURE PHYSICS, 45 (9):1041-1045; 10.1063/1.5121279 SEP 2019

A substantial magnetic contribution into specific heat capacity is found in monocrystalline ErAl3(BO3)4 at temperatures below 5 K. The results of measured ESR spectra at 4,2 K confirm manifestation of short-range magnetic order as well. The obtained data is discussed invoking the model accounting for spin-spin interaction between rare-earth ions in paired clusters.