Lattice Dynamics and Baric Behavior of Phonons in the Hg2Br2 Model Ferroelastics

Roginskii, E. M.; Krylov, A. S.; Markov, Yu F. Source: PHYSICS OF THE SOLID STATE, 61 (2):187-191; 10.1134/S1063783419020227 FEB 2019

Raman spectra of Hg2Br2 model improper ferroelastic crystals have been investigated in a wide range of high hydrostatic pressures. Baric dependences of the phonon frequencies have been obtained; of greatest interest are the observed soft mode originating from the slowest TA1 acoustic branch at the Brillouin zone boundary (X point) of the tetragonal phase and the anomalous behavior of this mode. In the ferroelastic phase spectra, the ignition of the second acoustic TA2 from the same point has also been detected and its baric behavior has been studied. Under sufficiently high pressures, splitting of doubly degenerate phonons with the Eg symmetry has been observed and explained. The parameters of the Grüneisen constants have been determined from the baric dependences of the phonon frequencies and discussed.