Factor analysis of inelastic electron scattering cross section spectra of FeSi2

Igumenov, A. Yu; Parshin, A. S.; Kanzychakova, V. O.; Demin, A. M.; Andryushchenko, T. A.; Mikhlin, Yu L.; Pehelyakov, O. P.; Zhigalov, V. S. Book Group Author(s): IOP Source: 21ST INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE RESHETNEV READINGS-2017, 467 10.1088/1757-899X/467/1/012010 2019

Iron disilicide is widely used in creation of such nanotechnology devices as photoelectric converters. The investigation of iron silicide FeSi2 with the method of inelastic electron scattering cross-section spectroscopy was carried out. The decomposition of inelastic electron scattering cross-section spectra of FeSi2 to bulk and surface energy loss components using factor analysis was carried out. The amplitude of energy loss components can be used for identification of their origin.