Experimental and Theoretical In Situ Spectral Magneto-Ellipsometry Study of Layered Ferromagnetic Structures

Maximova, O. A.; Lyaschenko, S. A.; Vysotin, M. A.; Tarasov, I. A.; Yakovlev, I. A.; Shevtsov, D. V.; Fedorov, A. S.; Varnakov, S. N.; Ovchinnikov, S. G. Source: JETP LETTERS, 110 (3):166-172; 10.1134/S0021364019150098 AUG 2019

A method for processing of in situ spectral magneto-ellipsometry data has been developed to analyze planar ferromagnetic nanostructures. A multilayer model containing a ferromagnetic layer with two interfaces, a nonferromagnetic buffer layer, and a nonferromagnetic substrate has been tested within a new approach to the interpretation of magnetic-field-modulated spectral ellipsometric measurements involving the magnetooptical Kerr effect in the transverse configuration. In particular, the effect of the thickness of the ferromagnetic layer on the results of magneto-ellipsometric measurements has been analyzed. The measurements have been performed with polycrystalline Fe films with different thicknesses on a nonferromagnetic SiO2/Si(100) surface. The diagonal and off-diagonal components of the complex dielectric tensor in the spectral range of 1.38–3.45 eV have been determined by processing spectral magneto-ellipsometric data. The results have been compared to the available data obtained by other authors and to the calculation of the dielectric tensor of Fe within the density functional theory.