Evolution of the resonances of two parallel dielectric cylinders with distance between them

Bulgakov, E. N.; Pichugin, K. N.; Sadreev, A. F. Source: PHYSICAL REVIEW A, 100 (4):10.1103/PhysRevA.100.043806 OCT 8 2019

We study evolution of resonant modes by traversing over the distance between two parallel dielectric cylinders. The processes of mutual scattering of Mie resonant modes by cylinders result in an interaction between the cylinders which lifts a degeneracy of resonances of the isolated cylinders. There are two basic scenarios of evolution. For strong interaction of cylinders resonances bypass the Mie resonances with increase of the distance. That scenario is typical for low-lying resonances (monopole and dipole). For weak interaction of cylinders the resonances are bound around the Mie resonances of isolated cylinders that form the second scenario. Both scenarios demonstrate a significant enhancement of the Q factor compared to the case of an isolated cylinder