Diagram Approach to the Problem of the Normal Phase Properties of the Spin-Polaron Ensemble in Cuprate Superconductors

Val'kov, V. V.; Mitskan, V. A.; Korovushkin, M. M.; Dzebisashvili, D. M.; Barabanov, A. F. Source: JOURNAL OF LOW TEMPERATURE PHYSICS, 197 (1-2):34-43; 10.1007/s10909-019-02211-9 OCT 2019

Taking into account the real crystalline structure of the CuO2 plane within the spin-fermion model and using the diagram technique, the spin-polaron concept of the fermionic excitations in cuprate superconductors is implemented. It is shown that an account of the on-site scattering processes leads to considerable binding energy of the spin-polaron quasiparticles. An account of the two-site spin-fermion scattering processes results in the energy spectrum and spectral properties of the spin-polaron quasiparticles which agree well with experimental data on cuprate superconductors.