Brownian dynamics of the self-assembly of complex nanostructures in the field of quasi-resonant laser radiation

Kornienko, Victoria S.; Tsipotan, Aleksey S.; Aleksandrovsky, Aleksandr S.; Slabko, Vitaliy V. Source: PHOTONICS AND NANOSTRUCTURES-FUNDAMENTALS AND APPLICATIONS, 35 10.1016/j.photonics.2019.100707 JUL 2019

Self-assembly of nanoparticles under the action of laser field can be an universal method for the formation of nanostructures with specific properties for application in sensorics and nanophotonics. For prognosis of the self-assembly processes, the model of movement of an ensemble of nanoparticles in a viscous media under the action of laser radiation with the account for interaction of laser-induced polarizations and Brownian dynamics is developed. This model is applied to the investigation of the self-assembly process of a triple of nanoparticles into three-particle structure with a predetermined geometry.Two specific cases of formation of nanostructure from a preliminarily formed pair of particles are studied: either for the pair fixed in space or from the unfixed pair of nanoparticles. The geometry of resulting nanostructures is shown to be determined by the polarization direction of laser radiation and the laser wavelength. Under proper choice of these parameters the formation of structures is shown to be highly efficient. E. g., maximum probability of structures formation is as hig as 36–46% per single laser pulse of 10 ns duration.