A Lowpass Filter Based on a 2D Microstrip Electromagnetic Crystal

Belyaev, B. A.; Khodenkov, S. A.; Galeev, R. G.; Shabanov, V. F. Source: DOKLADY PHYSICS, 64 (3):85-89; 10.1134/S1028335819030017 MAR 2019

A new construction of a lowpass filter was developed based on a two-dimensional microstrip electromagnetic crystal, which had a steeper slope of the frequency response as compared to a filter consisting of a one-dimensional microstrip electromagnetic crystal. The investigated lowpass filter construction is characterized by a high workability and ease of manufacturing. Electrodynamic numerical simulation of the 3D model of the considered microstrip structure agrees well with the experiment, which allows conducting parametric synthesis of devices with the required properties using a personal computer.