Zero Linear Compressibility in Nondense Borates with a "Lu-Ban Stool"-Like Structure

Jiang, Xingxing; Yang, Yi; Molokeev, Maxim S.; Gong, Pifu; Liang, Fei; Wang, Shuaihua; Liu, Lei; Wu, Xiang; Li, Xiaodong; Li, Yanchun; Wu, Shaofan; Li, Wei; Wu, Yicheng; Lin, Zheshuai Source: ADVANCED MATERIALS, 30 (32):10.1002/adma.201801313 AUG 9 2018

Discovering materials that exhibit zero linear compressibility (ZLC) behavior under hydrostatic pressure is extremely difficult. To date, only a handful of ZLC materials have been found, and almost all of them are ultrahard materials with densified structures. Here, to explore ZLC in nondense materials, a structural model analogous to the structure of the “Lu‐Ban stool,” a product of traditional Chinese woodworking invented 2500 years ago, is proposed. The application of this model to borates leads to the discovery of ZLC in AEB2O4 (AE = Ca and Sr) with the unique “Lu‐Ban stool”‐like structure, which can obtain a subtle mechanical balance between pressure‐induced expansion and contraction effects. Coupled with the very wide ultraviolet transparent windows, the ZLC behavior of AEB2O4 may result in some unique but important applications. The applications of the “Lu‐Ban stool” model open a new route for pursuing ZLC materials in nondense structural systems.