Structural Confinement toward Giant Enhancement of Red Emission in Mn2+-Based Phosphors

Zhang, Zhichao; Ma, Chonggeng; Gautier, Romain; Molokeev, Maxim S.; Liu, Quanlin; Xia, Zhiguo Source: ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS, 28 (41):10.1002/adfm.201804150 OCT 10 2018

Structural confinement effect on a pair of Eu2+ and Mn2+ optical centers is developed to realize the greatly enhanced red emission attributed to the 4T1(4G)–6A1(6S) transition of Mn2+ ions. Sr9Mn1.26(2)Li0.24(2)(PO4−δ)7 , when it is doped with Eu2+, emerges as a new red‐emitting phosphor, and the intensity dependence of such a red emission on the trace amounts of Eu2+ doping is quantitatively analyzed with a combined experimental and theoretical methods. The modeling result confirms the validity of this proposed design strategy, and the intrinsic high‐efficient Eu2+–Mn2+ energy transfer process can be elucidated by the structural confinement effect featured as some Sr (Eu) close to Mn atoms. The results can initiate the exploration of Mn2+‐based red phosphors for pc‐white light‐emitting diodes applications, and such a strategy can be easily expanded to other systems, thus opening a new perspective for the development of luminescence materials.