Transformation of structure and magnetic properties of Cu2MnBO5 under partial Mn3+ -> Fe3+ substitution

Moshkina, EM; Platunov, MS; Seryotkin, YV; Bovina, AF; Eremin, EV; Sofronova, SN; Bezmaternykh, LN JOURNAL OF MAGNETISM AND MAGNETIC MATERIALS, 464 1-10; 10.1016/j.jmmm.2018.05.021 OCT 15 2018

Single crystals of Fe-substituted Cu2Mn1-xFexBO5 ludwigites have been synthesized using flux technique (x = 0.2, 0.4, 0.5 – in the initial flux system). Structural properties of the synthesized compounds were studied by the single crystal and powder X-ray diffraction analysis. Obtained results were analyzed in the relationship with parent compound Cu2MnBO5. It was revealed that the type of monoclinic distortions of Fe-substituted ludwigites is different from the structure of Cu2MnBO5. The real cation composition and local structure of Cu2Mn1-xFexBO5 ludwigites were studied using XANES and EXAFS techniques, respectively. Analysis of field and thermal dependencies of magnetization showed a high dependence of the magnetic properties of these ludwigites on x with changing the type of magnetic ordering.