Synthesis of Nickel-Carbon Nanoparticles by Electrical Discharge in Liquid

Burakov, V. S.; Kiris, V. V.; Nevar, A. A.; Nedelko, M. I.; Tarasenko, N. V.; Churilov, G. N. JOURNAL OF APPLIED SPECTROSCOPY, 84 (6):1006-1013; 10.1007/s10812-018-0578-8 JAN 2018

Composite nickel–carbon nanoparticles were synthesized by electrical discharge in liquid. The synthesis was carried out in water and ethanol under various discharge conditions, including purging the discharge gap with argon. In water, electrical discharge was conducted between graphite and nickel electrodes. In ethanol, two nickel electrodes were used with the liquid acting as the carbon supplier. The size of the particles obtained, their composition, and the production rate depend on the type of working fluid and synthesis duration. It was also shown that the particle production rate in water is greater than in ethanol, and purging the electrode gap with argon reduces this rate two or three times.