Switching of Magnons by Electric and Magnetic Fields in Multiferroic Borates

Kuzmenko, AM; Szaller, D; Kain, T; Dziom, V; Weymann, L; Shuvaev, A; Pimenov, A; Mukhin, AA; Ivanov, VY; Gudim, IA; Bezmaternykh, LN; Pimenov, A PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 120 (2):10.1103/PhysRevLett.120.027203 JAN 12 2018

Electric manipulation of magnetic properties is a key problem of materials research. To fulfill the requirements of modern electronics, these processes must be shifted to high frequencies. In multiferroic materials, this may be achieved by electric and magnetic control of their fundamental excitations. Here we identify magnetic vibrations in multiferroic iron borates that are simultaneously sensitive to external electric and magnetic fields. Nearly 100% modulation of the terahertz radiation in an external field is demonstrated for SmFe3(BO3)4. High sensitivity can be explained by a modification of the spin orientation that controls the excitation conditions in multiferroic borates. These experiments demonstrate the possibility to alter terahertz magnetic properties of materials independently by external electric and magnetic fields.