Structuring of the Surface Layer of Polycarbonate Film upon Interaction with Nematic Liquid Crystal

Parshin, A. M.; Zyryanov, V. Ya.; Shabanov, V. F. Source: POLYMER SCIENCE SERIES C, 60 (1):23-31; 10.1134/S181123821801006X SEP 2018

The structure formation observed in the surface layer of polycarbonate which proceeds when nematic liquid crystal is deposited on a film is studied. Films prepared from polycarbonate solutions in dichloromethane, chloroform, or pyridine and dried in thermobalance at different temperatures and different drying times are studied. Textures are prepared in the process of domain growth. The effect of the orientation of the disclination lines in a magnetic field and the memory effect of molecular ordering after removal and redeposition of the liquid crystal layer are observed. The process of structure formation is analyzed on the basis of the model of cooperative interaction of liquid crystal molecules with polymer chains taking into account the adsorption mechanism.