Structural and Magnetic Characteristics of Nanogranular Co-Al2O3 Single- and Multilayer Films Formed by the Solid-State Synthesis

Volochaev, M. N.; Komogortsev, S. V.; Myagkov, V. G.; Bykova, L. E.; Zhigalov, V. S.; Shestakov, N. P.; Velikanov, D. A.; Smolyakov, D. A.; Luk'yanenko, A. V.; Rachek, V. B.; Loginov, Yu. Yu.; Tambasov, I. A.; Matsynin, A. A. Source: PHYSICS OF THE SOLID STATE, 60 (7):1425-1431; 10.1134/S1063783418070302 JUL 2018

The results of structural and magnetic investigations of nanogranular Co–Al2O3 films formed from Co3O4/Al thin-film layered structures upon vacuum annealing are reported. The Co3O4/Al films have been obtained by sequential reactive magnetron sputtering of a metallic cobalt target in a medium consisting of the Ar + O2 gas mixture and magnetron sputtering of an aluminum target in the pure argon atmosphere. It is shown that such a technique makes it possible to obtain nanogranular Co–Al2O3 single- and multilayer thin films with a well-controlled size of magnetic grains and their distribution over the film thickness.