Preparation, structure and magnetic properties of synthetic ferrihydrite nanoparticles

Stolyar, S. V.; Yaroslavtsev, R. N.; Bayukov, O. A.; Balaev, D. A.; Krasikov, A. A.; Iskhakov, R. S.; Vorotynov, A. M.; Ladygina, V. P.; Purtov, K. V.; Volochaev, M. N. 3RD INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SCHOOL AND WORKSHOP "COMPLEX AND MAGNETIC SOFT MATTER SYSTEMS: PHYSICO-MECHANICAL PROPERTIES AND STRUCTURE", 994 10.1088/1742-6596/994/1/012003 2018 Book Series: Journal of Physics Conference Series

Superparamagnetic ferrihydrite powders with average nanoparticle sizes of 2.5 nm produced by the chemical deposition method. Static and dynamic magnetic properties are measured. As a result of ultrasonic treatment in the cavitation regime of suspensions of ferrihydrite powders in a solution of the albumin protein, the Fe ions are reduced to the metallic state. A sol of ferrihydrite nanoparticles is prepared in an aqueous solution of arabinogalactan polysaccharide.